Wallingford Photographic Club

Welcome! There is no substitute for a personal visit to one of our meetings, so our intention here is just to provide some brief details of when and where we meet, and some methods of how to contact us.

Our Club

Programme updates

Do come along anyway as there are plenty who just enjoy the social aspects of meeting fellow enthusiasts. However we also run monthly competitions for colour prints, black and white prints, and colour slides. We end the year with competitions for the best prints, and we have a new award for the best newcomer!

Digital files should be emailed as jpegs sized 1400 (width) x 1050 (height) pixels by the Sunday night before the competition to wapec.comp@yahoo.co.uk The file naming format for these files is name.title.jpg

Digital Projector

We have the latest "state of the art" digital projector, laptop, and software, thanks to the "Awards for All" scheme funded by the National Lottery. We will be able to show on the big screen all those pictures taken by members with digital cameras

While some of our members can remember the early days, many of us joined much later and all are proud to be part of a group of people sharing one passion – photography. This is an opportunity to learn from the hints and tips given by an outside expert on both your own and other members’ submissions, a lot of information to learn ! So, whether you like to work in black and white or colour prints or purely digital images, there will be a competition section for you.

We are gradually introducing the use of specialised competition software into the club, and the software requires the file names to be in this format: please help the person who is preparing the competition, by naming files in this way. The image resolution required for digital image competitions is 1400 horizontal pixels by 1050 vertical pixels. If you can, please re-size your photo, using a photo editing program, to fit within these limits, remembering to adjust the sharpness of the image if necessary while/after re-sizing. If you cannot do this yourself, the software used on the club laptop can re-size the image in-situ to fit the projector resolution: this is usually satisfactory, but of course the process is then outside your control.

Be aware that most email accounts have limits on the total size of attachments sent with an individual email, so if you have to send large files (i.e. you cannot reduce them to fit 1400x1050 pixels) it might be necessary to send each file in a separate email. The prints can be mounted separately or on one board, as the author sees fit. For the digital portfolio, similar rules apply, except that you are submitting exactly four digital files instead of four prints. When sending these images to the organiser (at the same email address as for monthly competitions), please indicate if the images need to be shown in a particular order.

Practice your photography skills in Wallingford

If you will ever arrive to Wallingford, this delightful town in England, you will enjoy photographing numerous beautiful places. Located on the River Thames and displaying countless spectacular views, Wallingford is definitely a place where you should recharge your batteries when you feel the need to relax in a calming ambiance. Take your camera and lenses and get ready for a wonderful shooting session.

Things to photograph in Wallingford

Whether you decide to begin with Cholsey-Wallingford Railway or the charming donkeys from Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, you must be sure that you will photograph under a golden light if you wish to obtain golden photos. The time of the day is crucial when it comes to photography and you will never succeed to have wonderful photos if you choose lighting improperly. Whether you go out at sunrise or when the sun sets, these are the best moments for a photography session.

You should practice your skills at Wallingford Castle. Immortalize this stunning castle under the sunset, surprise the wonderful details and try to see the architecture from a different perspective. Sow the world how beautiful is the world you see and make sure you haven’t just wasted your money on your equipment. Take a few photos to a London escort just like the ones you saw on https://www.eros.com/ posing nearby Wallingford Castle and serve a delicious picnic after your shooting session.

Head to Wallingford Museum, pass by The Lamb Arcade and stop by to have several photos. Move around this place to get the perfect angle and consider the composition of your pictures before pushing the button. Take some photography classes if you want to improve your photography skills, but try not to be too harsh on you. Be critic with your work, but observe what you did great as well.

You have many opportunities for beautiful pictures in Wallingford. Use your special lenses to change the light, shoot interesting subjects such as the tiny church Saint Mary-Le-More or go to the Olde Sweet Shoppe and take a few sweet photos to the colourful and delicious treats. Grab a souvenir for your way home and don’t forget to take a photo to the stunning boxes of chocolates – life is like a box of chocolate, don’t you think?

Improve your photography skills

Wander along the Thames Path, follow the Agatha Christie trail and photograph anything that might seem interesting or photogenic. Have a relaxing stroll in Castle Gardens and Meadows, charm your eyes with the views of the crumbling castle ruins and, if you are a fan of Midsomer Murders, photograph the home of the Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby as you see it through your camera’s lenses.

Admire the landscapes of south Oxfordshire, take a few panoramas to the Wittenham Clumps and share to your friends the lovely photographs you took to Castle Hill and Round Hill. If you manage to surprise a few wild animals, your pictures will be even more appreciated. Come to Wallingford to practice your skills and you will sure get the best photographs ever!